100 EUR

2501 (IT) - „On the Brink of Disaster“, 2014 
2C Screenprint on Munken Pure Paper (300g/m2),
40*50cm, Edition of 24
Print numbers 1-5 only available as Collectors Box
The print ships with certificate signed by the artist

2501 is not a physical entity.
2501 interprets the surrounding environment.
2501 transforms itself into time without limits of style or media.
2501 nurtures itself with the surrounding environment by proposing new ways of interpretation.
2501 chooses the urban environment as its privileged space to exchange ideas.
2501 chooses the urban environment as its exhibition space.
2501 knows that the greatest luxury is that of extending ones time without limitations.
2501 believes that who commands his/her own time has the privilege and thus the responsibility to react for those who cannot.
2501 believes that art should give a critical vision of society not in a superficial manner but as lucid and intelligent truth.
2501 believes that being able to make art in life is a luxury.

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