PERFEKT PRINTS - Ardan Özmenoglu (TR)

100 EUR

Ardan Özmenoglu (TR) - Not a Butterfly
PERFEKT PRINTS - Edition No2, 2014

2C Screenprint on Munken Pure Paper (300g/m2),
40*50cm, Edition of 24
Print numbers 1-5 only available as Collectors Box – click here

Ardan Özmenoglu (also written Ozmenoglu) is a versatile Turkish contemporary artist who works in a wide range of mediums including large-scale glass sculptures, works on Post-It® notes, photography and neon lighting. The way to comprehend Ardan Ozmenoglu‘s art primarily goes through „living and experiencing“. Her art is easily accessible, even for an ordinary person; it invites you to see, watch and feel contemporary approaches to history.

Ardan Ozmenoglu