150 EUR

reversible print!
side 1: Permutation
side 2: Typeface
80x60 cm, 2 color screen print, Olin Regular 400 g/m²
edition: 50

Paul Busk is a Vienna-based artist & communication designer. In 2001 he launched CMOD (Citymodification) with Michael Kuhn. Its field of activity includes print, graphics, logo design, type design, illustration, interior and exterior design. At times he participates in exhibitions and shows.

“MEBUSKSHIT is a collaboration between the fashion-label MESHIT and viennese artist Paul BUSK. They teamed up to create a small limited collection with mostly unisex jogging styles which you can wear from both sides – always with the 2 different patterns. The focus is on typo – which is BUSK´s speciality. Additionally to the clothing a “turn-over-poster” was made.”